Tucked behind a main road in Didsbury lies a stunning park that few have heard of

When you think of Didsbury and green spaces, the popular Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens is probably the first place which springs to mind. Yet there’s another green oasis to be discovered in this Manchester suburb.

Located on Palatine Road, Marie Louise Gardens is a small yet charming park, offering a tranquil spot away from the busy main road. With 4.75 acres of green space it’s a place to take some time out from daily life and reconnect with nature.

Despite being open to the public for over 100 years, not many people are aware that it even exists. Behind the walls of the garden you’ll find an impressive variety of trees, beautiful flowers and a quaint shelter.

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Marie Louise Gardens in Didsbury
The park is tucked away from the main road
(Image: Manchester Evening News)

With spring upon us the Marie Louise Gardens are bursting into life making it the perfect time to visit. Walk along the daffodil-lined paths or sit down on one of the benches and admire the gorgeous blossom overhead.

The garden was given to the citizens of Manchester in 1903 by Josephine Silkenstadt, in memory of her daughter, Marie Louise, who died young. A voluntary group Friends of Marie Louise Gardens help the Council with maintaining the gardens.

Marie Louise Gardens in Didsbury
The gardens are full of blossom in the spring
(Image: Manchester Evening News)

Thanks to the group’s efforts the park has been well-maintained. They’ve rebuilt the perimeter walls, restored and re-roofed the shelter and installed new benches, paths and bins, ensuring that visitors can get the most out of the gardens.

Over the years the gardens have been transformed from a formal garden with topiary and stone ornaments into a more natural and organic space. Today the park is full of gorgeous trees including cedars, pines and firs, providing shelter from the elements for the garden’s shrubs.

Marie Louise Gardens in Didsbury
Take a stroll along the paths lined with daffodils
(Image: Manchester Evening News)

This beautiful park is a lovely place to stop by on your lunch break or after work if you live locally. Or plan a visit the next time you head to Didsbury.

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