The Couture Club: 2021 Black Friday plans and new ranges you have to see

The Couture Club has almost become one of the top casualwear brands in the UK- with their effortless styles, unisex colourways and quite affordable, longwearing pieces.

But, will they take part in this year’s Black Friday?

We were lucky enough to test out one of their most recent collections for Pride- and it has to be said that the quality is incredible.

The retailer has had huge success in recent years with sticking to current trends and it seems, always delivering top quality products to all sizes and ages.

The Couture Club “Love Wins” Graffitti Cap

I’m a run around mum but still love my fashionable accessories.

This cap is perfect for my current style where I can mix and match it with other items- and comes in at just £24.99.


I have also had a try of one of their Signature Unisex Pride T Shirts- and there really is nothing more to say other than the quality is the best I have had from a high street retailer before.

I think it is important to point out that this brand I think fits a massive gap on the high street for better quality for a fraction of the price.

The Couture Club

Usually you would only get this thickness and sturdy silhouette from t shirts that were at least double the price.

The signature t-shirt in this unisex monochrome style comes in at £29.99, with a holographic logo design.

Last year, the fashionable luxury casualwear brand launched an incredible 20% off their FULL T shirt range- so keep an eye on their plans this year too.

Couture Club launched an early access sale too for members only- you can sign up here and enjoy endless offers and their latest updates.

See the website for more here.

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