“Record” online sales for Factory Direct Flooring

A flooring company has hit record online sales due to an uplift in home DIY during the lockdown and what a strong partnership with its logistics supplier.

Management at Factory Direct Flooring, which has a shop in Hinckley and warehouses in Nuneaton, said they have seen a 40 per cent increase in online orders – worth “millions” – to households since the beginning of lockdown.

The business was forced to close its Hinckley showroom at the start of lockdown and furlough 23 staff.

All but three are back at work and the showroom is now open by appointment only, with around half its usual footfall.

The team put the online success down to people wanting to lay their own flooring and a strong partnership ties with the Pall-Ex haulage network in north west Leicestershire.

They said Pall-Ex network member Wynwood Logistics had hit service targets and provided high standards through the pandemic.

Factory Direct Flooring founder and managing director Paul Hambidge said: “During such difficult times we were determined to make our business work even more effectively than before.

“With such a huge uplift in online sales, especially in people wanting to fit their own flooring, we knew that not only would our products perform but equally needed to make sure that from factory floor to their floors, it had to be perfect.

“Pall-Ex and their entire pallet network have just been incredible throughout this period, and despite everything, their service level has gone up.

“Alongside this, deliveries have been on time to our customers, they have been incredibly attentive, and our partnership with local member Wynwood has meant they have supported our unprecedented growth and we have had high customer satisfaction rates, which is everything we could wish for.”

During the height of the lockdown period, he said Factory Direct Flooring saw a 55 per cent increase in website users and a 40 per cent increase in orders.

He said: “People wanted more affordable DIY laminate flooring that could be fitted by anyone, and we saw a 73 per cent uplift in this as customers didn’t want to use flooring fitters or have workmen in their homes.

“It was this high increase in sales which cemented the partnership with the Pall-Ex network even further, and it has been their ability to handle different freight sizes, adaptability and traceability of all stock out for delivery has been invaluable.

“It is all about having trust in who you use. I initially partnered with them in 2008, and since then have tried different companies.

“However, it was Pall-Ex who stood out a mile and these last three years with them has been incredible and I couldn’t thank them enough for supporting our business and equally helping our growth,” he said.

Jamie Baptie is managing director at Wynwood Logistics, based at the Pall-Ex HQ in Ellistown, Leicestershire.

He said: “It has been a challenging time for businesses in every industry, so we’re proud to be able to support a local company as they adapt to changing customer needs and thrive under these difficult circumstances.”