Mrs Hinch gets her Ninja Air Fryer sparkling clean ‘in seconds’ with 15p Amazon item

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has sent fans wild with a 15p Amazon item that keep air fryers sparkling clean. Mrs Hinch has a Ninja Air Fryer, which has been hailed by many as the best on the market ( though we tried out a dupe that is ‘even better’ ).

The Ninja Air Fryer is sold out on sites like Argos, Currys and the Ninja website at the minute. However, you don’t need a Ninja Air Fryer for Mrs Hinch’s tip to work.

The 16p Amazon tip can help keep any air fryer clean. And the best bit is, it only takes seconds to do.

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Taking to her Instagram – where she boasts more than 4.6 million followers sharing her immaculate home and cost-efficient cleaning tips – the influencer shared the cheap hack with her fans. And people are loving it.

The 16p tip is extremely simple and, more importantly, means you don’t have to wash your device every time you use it. While giving a tour of her new kitchen’s pantry in a recent video on her Instagram stories, she shared an insight into how she keeps her Ninja Air Fryer squeaky clean, reports the Mirror.

Documenting the stunning neutral theme of her kitchen, she brought up her handy air fryer, admitting that it’s changed her life for the better. She explained: “My air fryer, I don’t know what I did before I had this air fryer guys it’s so good.

Mrs Hinch uses a simple 15p Amazon item to keep her Ninja Air Fryer sparkling clean
Mrs Hinch uses a simple 15p Amazon item to keep her Ninja Air Fryer sparkling clean
(Image: Mrs Hinch)

“I bought it because my cousin’s got one and she said it was amazing so I got the same one as her.” Sharing her nifty purchase from Amazon, Sophie revealed that she uses a baking liner each time she cooks with the air fryer, which cost just 16p each, and it keeps her air fryer perfectly clean.

On the popular online store, 100 air fryer liners retail for £14.99, which means that one line retails for just 15p. “And these are from Amazon they’re baking liners and I use them to keep it quite clean inside,” she said.

You can buy the Amazon air fryer liners for 15p a piece here.


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