Liverpool council leaders announce £1.5m fund to support local cabbies

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has announced it will provide a fund of up to £1.5 million for taxi drivers who have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

Six local authorities will be given the funding to help cover the costs for taxi drivers in the regions.

The funding will be allocated proportionately to each local authority, according to the number of licenced taxi drivers in their area, with details of how the funding will be issued currently being finalised, the combined authority said.

Payments are expected to be made before Christmas.

In a joint statement the leaders and mayors of the Liverpool City Region said: “We recognise the hardship experienced by our area’s taxi drivers, who have seen their trade seriously affected by the coronavirus restrictions.

“As leaders and mayors, we are continuing to press the Government for financial support packages that work for everyone who has seen their livelihood affected by Covid-19 restrictions.

“We know this fund can only make a small contribution but wanted to make this available as a gesture of support for a sector that has been hit hard without adequate Government support.”

The leaders said the fund will enable the city region’s local authorities to introduce schemes which benefit local taxi drivers  as well as what is available to them through national support schemes.

Business Live – North West