List comparing ‘chippy tea pizza’ Manchester to ‘beluga caviar’ London described as ‘vomit inducing’

A list rating Manchester against London by comparing the likes of ‘spoilt brats in yellow Lamborghinis outside Deansgate Tower’ to ‘spoilt brats in gold Lamborghinis outside Harrods’ has been described as ‘vomit inducing’ and ‘pathetic’ by Mancunians.

The comparison, which featured in a Sunday Times feature on Manchester’s night scene today (April 2), was also called ‘culturally irrelevant’, with many questioning the use of ‘outdated’ stereotypes and references to the likes of the Haçienda.

The otherwise generally favourable report discussed how Manchester has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, with the city-region’s nightlife now being considered a ‘hotspot’ for partygoers.

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But, in-between the article on the Times website appears a ‘LDN vs MCR’ list which compares the‘Hipster Aldi’ in Ancoats to Holland Park’s ‘Supermarket of Dreams’ and Stockport to Peckham. It goes on to suggest a two-bed flat in Chorlton is just like renting the same accommodation in Queen’s Park, whilst Manchester’s chippy tea pizza, which was served yonks ago at Crazy Pedros, is apparently our equivalent of the baked potato with beluga caviar served at London’s Caviar Kaspia.

It also compares Andy Burnham dropping Voodoo Ray on vinyl to Sadiq Khan raising Tube fares, because that seems a fair match. It also grades the likes of Maxine Peake and Bugzy Malone to Helena Bonham Carter and Stormzy.

The list also obscurely ranks Londoner’s ’emotional baggage of house prices’ against Mancunian’s ’emotional baggage of the Haçienda closing’, which appears to have been the breaking point for the many who took to Reddit to mock the list.

One person said: “I think the use of the Haçienda as a cultural reference in this list is pretty apt given that it was probably still open when the author was last in Manchester.”

(Image: The Times)

Another wrote: “It’s vomit inducing. Oh look how posh London is and how “real” Manchester is. It reminds me of 90s magazines and their “hot/ not” lists.”

Another commented: “How the **** are we meant to stay culturally relevant as a city if even our newspapers cannot stop using the 90s to forcibly compare us to “that London”? The reason Manchester was known and culturally important during the 90s was that our cultural exports were our own and without this crippling insecurity about London and the middle class?”

One person added: “Pathetic. This is why as a resident of Manchester, no one outside takes us seriously.”

Questioning the comparison between Peckham and Stockport, one commenter said: “How is Peckham the same as and/or the opposite of Stockport? There is nothing in common and they also are not the opposite of each other they exist on completely different spectrums of everything.”

Meanwhile, one person asked: “When was this written? 1994?”

Another said: “Lived in both for decades. Would take Manchester over London in a second.”

One commenter said: “This makes me nauseous and concerned”. Another summed their thoughts up clearly in just one word by stating they found the list to be “sickening”.


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