Leading doctor to open North West’s first-of-its-type ‘healthy heart’ clinic

One of the country’s leading doctors will soon open the North West’s first independent ‘healthy heart’ clinic.

Dr Scott Murray, former President of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) and consultant cardiologist at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, is launching Venturi Cardiology in Birchwood, Warrington this spring.

The state-of-the-art heart screening clinic has been backed with investment from the Briley Group, and the clinic will create 10 new jobs for the area during its first two years of operation.

Dr Murray said the firm’s mission is to make world-class heart care accessible, affordable and more personalised.

In the same way that a mammogram is given as standard for women over 50 or with a family history, Venturi want heart testing to be a standard procedure for those patients most at risk.

Venturi was created by Scott and three like-minded cardiologist friends.

As well as providing routine diagnostic cardiology services, Venturi’s aims to treat the cause of heart disease, currently the UK’s biggest killer.

Every 25 minutes, someone in the North West dies from heart or circulatory disease, with healthcare costs relating to these diseases estimated at £9bn each year.

Dr Scott Murray, who was inspired to become a cardiologist after his grandfather died suddenly of a heart attack, said: “Every year, over 100,000 people in the UK die of sudden cardiac arrest, and yet so much of our heart health is driven by what we eat, how we move and through lifestyle choices -factors that are all within our control.

“I see people every day who, if they had received a heart scan five years before, could have been treated or potentially may have been given that push to really change their lifestyle and turn their life around.”

Dr Sam Srivastava, a founding clinician, said: “Our goal is to speed up treatment for patients, save lives and help to offload some of the pressures on the NHS. We are also looking at growing our team and expanding our services to include other health care requirements.”

Operating as an independent clinic, Venturi is looking to collaborate with the NHS to offer its services through GPs and hospitals, ensuring that GPs can refer higher risk patients on to them. That’s in a bid to ease the strain being put onto the NHS due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Tom Heseltine, one of the founding clinicians at Venturi, said: “No two hearts are exactly the same and current assessment protocols, plus Covid waiting times, mean that those who are at risk often experience a significant, and in some cases, life threatening, delay in receiving the required treatment.”

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