I’m obsessed with suits this autumn and this forest green one is an absolute staple

It can be hard to decide just what your new look is going to be when you feel the weather changing in the transitional September. The leaves aren’t quite falling, or even turning brown, but there’s a distinct chill in the air that means summer dresses are out.

I’ve found an item I find myself leaning towards is the tailor trouser and blazer combo. On warm days you can pair them with a crop and on cooler ones a full top might be better.

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You can easily dress them up and down for every occasion and I think that’s why they’ve become such a staple in my wardrobe.

While I typically lean toward neutrals such as black or cream, this forest green option from 4th & Reckless caught my eye. It’s a deep shade of green that I think easily stands out.

The Mirelle suit isn’t super form fitting, although I found the pants hugged my curves quite nicely.

The trousers have functional pockets which I find to always be a nice touch and you can carefully snip the stitching in the blazer pockets to reveal usual pockets too.

4th & Reckless
This forest green look is perfect for autumn

I’m quite short and found that the pants fitted my legs perfectly without draping across the floor or requiring me to don heels or call a seamstress.

I paired the suit with a Jade boucle knit tank top that made me feel like a very dressed up teddy bear. It’s soft on my skin and quite cute to look at.

I think the great thing about this range is how so many of the items can be mixed and matched together to make up many staples in an autumnal wardrobe, I’ll definitely be leaning in with the earth tones used in the Bruna Bear range.

The jacket is £55 and the trousers are just £35, while the knit top is one of the cheapest items in the range costing just £25.

You can shop the full Bruna Bear range here. Use code MAN10 for an exclusive 10% off.


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