Embryo Wins Deal with Global Sustainable Swimwear Brand Kōraru

International swimwear brand, Kōraru has appointed award-winning digital agency Embryo to grow their business and revenue through creative paid social media campaigns.

Founder and CEO of Kōraru, Oana Ponomarenco Romaneiro, advised that she picked Embryo because they were the first company she felt truly understood the challenges of running campaigns for an international clothing brand.

Oana Romaneiro said: ‘In our search for an advertising partner, one recurring frustration was that we found no one truly understood us as a new brand and, therefore, our journey in creating a community around our brand values. Everyone talked about A/B testing and ROAS, but there is so much more than that when trying to introduce yourself to the world and help people discover your brand. Embryo was the first company to truly understand our challenges and align with us in what we want to achieve.

The successful swimwear brand is counting on Embryo‘s paid social team support in terms of strategy and data analysis, along with tips on best practices for the business to engage with new customers and hit their goals next year.’

Oana continued sharing that with Embryo’s support Kōraru are able to focus more on their eco-friendly messaging and encouraging people to make better fashion choices.

‘We liked that Embryo supports us not just from an advertising perspective but also in our brand-building journey and communicating our brand values and story to the world. They are intentional in giving us ideas of relevant content we can create and adding more value to our customers by way of that content, but also helping us position ourselves in a way that is unique to us as a brand instead of just following trends.

We are looking forward to seeing our community grow to be able to help consumers make better decisions by sharing important information on sustainable practices in the fashion industry. And we hope to get as many people out there to discover our story and the value of Kōraru through our social media.’

Head of Paid Media at Embryo, Harriet Tuite, said: ‘It’s great to work with a brand that has such a focus on sustainability, like Kōraru.It makes such a difference to be promoting a positive message through social media and we’re all excited as a team to develop their campaigns and see Kōraru grow from strength to strength.’