Andy Burnham’s unexpected nod to The Courteeners in his victory speech

Andy Burnham has turned the heads of music fans again with an unexpected shout out for a Manchester band in his acceptance speech.

The Greater Manchester Mayor casually dropped in a line from The Courteeners’ best-selling single, Not Nineteen Forever while speaking at the weekend.

During his victory speech after winning a second term as mayor, Burnham said: “I’ll just say this as well. God bless the band.”

He then added: “If you know, you know… I’ll just leave it there.”

It’s not the first time he’s sung the praises of The Courteeners, the band fronted by Liam Fray that formed in Middleton back in 2006.

Burnham described them in 2017 as ‘the biggest truly Manc band for ages’, and chose them to headline his Raise the Roof charity gig in 2019.

Many praised the music reference in his political speech, with one Twitter user saying : “Andy Burnham quoting The Courteeners in his victory speech is the spirit that will build back the red wall”

Someone else thinks he didn’t go far enough, tweeting : “Real missed opportunity here to shout “every f***in one of yers” before launching a pint across the voting room”.

Others cringed at the reference – one person said : “Nah Andy Burnham “shouting out” courteeners in his speech is genuinely nauseating”.

Beyond shouting out one of his favourite bands, Andy Burnham has unveiled a raft of new transport announcements on the first day of his second term.

His vision includes a contactless ‘Bee Network’ of public transport by 2024, including a tram to Middleton, a franchised bus network, and nearly 400 electric vehicle charging points.

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